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What is Agility?

Agility is a dog sport, where the breed, size or background does not matter. The sport is based on the dog to get through an obstacle course includes: A-frame, Dog walk, Seesaw, Crossover, Tunnel, Collapsed tunnel, Double and triple jump, panel jump, jump, broad jump, tire jump, table, pause box, weave poles. 
There are two different classes, which are: 
Jump class: (Without contact fields obstacle, therefore balance beam, seesaw and A Barrier.) 
Agility class: (Here all the obstacles can be used) 
The track always looks different.
Then there is also size categories, which are: 
X-Small: Dogs under 28cm. 
Small: Under 35 cm.
Medium: Between 35-43 cm. 
Large: 43-50cm 
xLarge 50cm and higher.
*The dog must not demolish barriers (5 Faults) 
*The dog may not stop or turn around in jumping distance of the jump or run past the obstacle. (Refusal) 
*The dog must not sneak in on a racetrack before or after their turn, it will then be disqualified.
*The handler of the dog is not allowed to bring rewards in their hand during the race, but the encouragement of voice and body language are allowed. 
*If the dog does their business on the course they will be disqualified. 
*If the dog take off, to greet another dog or person outside the court and don’t want to come back in a certain timeframe they are disqualified. (Out of the handlers control) 
*The dog and the handler must never touch each other (5 errors, touch) if the handler grabs the dog they are disqualified. 
On contact field obstacles, the A-obstacle, balance and seesaw there is an approximately 90 cm steam zone at the end of the obstacle called the contact fields. The dog must touch it with at least a portion of a paw. (5 errors per missed contact field.)
*The dog must take the obstacles in the correct order and the correct direction, otherwise they are disqualified. 

Source: Wikipedia