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10 facts you probably didn't know

2017-03-05 11:10 #0 by: Missantissan

Did you know that?

*Border Collies originated on the border of England and Scotland, and hence the name ”Border” Collie.
*Border Collies come in all different sizes and colors, because the breed is bred for it’s work and not appearance. 
*Border Collies can be almost any color, including ”red” and perfectly white. 
*All purebred Border Collies alive today, can if you go back be linked to one dog called ”Old Hemp” Who lived between 1893-1901. 
*Old Hemp is considered the father of the breed and it was from him Border Collies herding type was born. 
*The The most popular Border Collie breeding male was Wiston Cap. 
*Other names that have existed for the Border Collie is ”Working Collie” ”Farm Collie” and ”Old Collie” 
*Border Collies are very smart, proof of it is a Border Collie named Rico, who studied and taught over 200 names of items. 
*Border Collies can be used for other things then just herding dogs, they can also be therapy dogs, search dogs, agility, freestyle, obedience dogs and more. 
*** Border Collies have also been used to chase away birds from airports and golf courses!***

Foto: Felicia Lundh 

With lots of love Missan and the pets 
Host of Border Collie

2017-05-22 07:59 #1 by: Emo

Very interesting. A lot I didn't know.

My website: American version
Min hemsida: Svensk version


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