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Information about the breed

Border Collies is a working breed with a strong herding instinct.

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Border Collie is a working dog used for herding. The dogs work is the most important and is the part which control the breeding. Border collie is one of the most popular working sheep dogs in the world, but it has also proved to be a good dog in obedience and successful in agility.

Border Collies has strong herding instinct and is not well suited to hold only as a pet because it requires both a lot of exercise and mental stimulation. Border Collie is a fast learner, energetic dog who want and need to work in order to thrive. An under-stimulated Border Collie can become stressed and develop destructive behaviors like excessive fixation on herding, the dog may try to herd almost everything that moves, including humans. 

With the right education and life conditions, where it’s working ability and energy levels meet, the breed becomes a harmonious dog that is responsive to it’s owner.

Border Collie ranks as one of the most intelligent dog breeds in the world and it is believed that Border Collies can understand up to 200 words. Dog specialist Stanley Coren ranks Border Collie as the most intelligent breed. 

(Taken from Wikipedia)

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