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2017-03-05, 12:42

Welcome to Border Collie on Savvity!


Welcome to Border Collies very own community, for all the Border Collie fanatics. 
Just know, you don't need to own a Border Collie, or even a dog to be a member. Aslong as the community stays Border Collie related. So if you're interested, feel free to join! 

I'm hoping that we can in the future start foto contest, trick contests and story contests. But most of all, that we all have a fun time on the site and enjoy the beautiful breed together. 

Keep in mind that this is a new site and it will take time to build it, so i hope that you stick around too see the finished product. Winking

Best regards, MissanTissan (The Host) 

Foto: Felicia Lundh

With lots of love Missan and the pets 
Host of Border Collie

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