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Herding with dogs (Part 1)

Herding dogs are trained with whistle sounds or word of command.

Herding is actually just modified predatory behavior. With Help from selective breeding, humans have managed to minimize the dogs natural inclination to treat stock as prey while maintaining the dogs skill of hunting. Giving us the perfect herding dog.
Border Collies, known as Headers Got the nick-name from getting infront of it’s stock and using it’s strong eyes to stare down the animals.

The most basic words to be trained are the following:
*Come-bye or Bye. It means for them to go to the left of the stock or clockwise around them.
*Away to me or away or even ’way. It means go to the right of the stock or counter clockwise around them.
*Stand. It means for them to stop, but when said gently it can also mean go slow.
*Wait, (Lie) down or sit. Means stop.
*Steady or Take time - Slow down
*Cast. It means for the dog to gather the stock into a group. 
*Find. It means for the dog to search for stock. 
*Get out or Back. It means move away from the stock. Mostly used when the dog gets too close to the stock.
*Hold. It means for the dog to keep the stock where they are.
*Bark or speak up. It means to Bark at stock.
*Look back. It means for the dog to return for a missed animal.
*In here. It means to go through a gap in the flock. When you need to separate stock. 
*Walk up, walk on or just walk. Means to move in closer to the stock.
*That’ll do. It means stop working and return to handler. 

Herding dogs as pets
It’s common to keep herding dogs as pets. Although they can make good family dogs or even show dogs, herding dogs are best when they have a job. An active life is a happy life. 

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With lots of love Missan and the pets 
Host of Border Collie

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What happens to a dog like this, with a need to be active, if it doesn't get enough exercise? And what are some clear signs that a dog isn't getting enough exercise?

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