2017-03-07 17:58 #0 by: Missantissan

Here you have a chance to introduce yourself, tell us who's behind the profile. Maybe even meet a future friend! 

I'll start! 

I'm the host of this site, and my name is Miranda. My passion has always been animals, it started with dogs but grew to all kinds of animals. I'm originally from Sweden, but moved to Norway. 

My hobbies include drawing, painting, crafting, sewing, my pets, playing video games and so on. 

I grew up without dogs, but at the age of 9 i got my first dog. He was old when we got him, but he was the best dog to start with. He was actually not a Border Collie, but was a boxer. We then started fostering homeless dogs and my parents kept their first foster (Fred, the labrador) around 100 dogs later, i met Chip. The most amazing dog i will ever met, a border collie. I had always been intressted in the breed, and had fosterd quite a few, but never met one that suited me. Then Chip came, and the love for the breed grew. 

Right now i don't have a dog, but anything can happen Winking